17:20 - 19:00 - WELCOME PLENARY


  • Shamim Hayder Talukder, MBBS, MPhil, President, International Society for Urban Health. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eminence
  • Douglas Richardson, Executive Director, American Association of Geographers
  • Edwin M. Lee, Mayor, City and County of San Francisco (Invited)
  • Barbara A. Garcia, MPA, Director of Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health (Invited)


  • Jo Ivey Boufford, MD, President, The New York Academy of Medicine


  • Andy Haines, MBBS, MD, Professor of Public Health and Primary Care, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Chair, The Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health
  • Mei-Po Kwan, PhD, Professor, Geography & Geographic Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Alex Ross, MSPH, Director, World Health Organization (WHO) Centre for Health Development, Kobe, Japan

After ceremonial welcomes, three thought and action leaders will provide the global context for the theme of our meeting “Place and Health” and the special role of cities as a “place”–built, natural, economic and social environment–for the “health” of people living and working in them and for global health in general. The critical importance of the collaboration of multiple disciplines and sectors is at the core of each presentation. Professor Haines will discuss the role of cities in the Lancet Commission Report on Planetary Health; Professor Kwan will discuss the special contributions geographers can make to the place and health discussion; and Dr. Ross will launch a new global report on urban health jointly produced by WHO and UN Habitat: “Sustainable Development for Healthier, Equitable Cities.”