Dr. Shamim Talukder

Dr. Shamim Talukder
President, The International Society for Urban Health. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eminence.

Shamim Talukder, MD, is founder and CEO of Eminence Associates for Social Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Since 2003, Eminence has been committed to improving the lives disadvantaged and marginalized populations through research, training, advocacy, community based interventions and communications in the areas of health, education, environment, governance and information technology. Dr. Talukder is the first Member Secretary of Bangladesh Urban Health Network (BUHN)and has also co-authored a chapter of the first Bangladesh Urban Health Survey 2006 and the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (2011) that later was transformed into a National Policy Brief on Non Communicable Disease. He was co-author of a working paper of Measure DHS, an analysis from Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), 2011 on different variables of reproductive and fertility issues of women of reproductive age.


Dr. Talukder also serves as the member secretary of the Non Communicable Diseases Forum (NCD-F), coordinator of Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition (BCSNPN), and founder and general secretary of the Global Citizen Forum for Sustainable Development.  He has worked nationally and internationally to develop health policy with special focus on non-communicable diseases and nutrition. He is also actively involved in environment, climate change and health related civil society platforms at national and international levels such as the Climate Action Network (CAN) and Population and Sustainable Development Alliance (PSDA).